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Take a look at our Meranti Mouldings

Standard lengths for meranti decorative mouldings are 2,4m and 3,0m. 
Heights are 67/87/120/140mm moulded to thicknesses of 20mm. Timber used is imported meranti – careful attention is paid to colour matching of pieces.

Meranti / hardwood cleat

Finished Size 44mm wide and 18 or 15mm thick
Ideal for mounting shelves.
Popular length 3.0 and 3.6m. Codes MCO45 & MCO4515

meranti / hardwood corner fillet

25 and 35mm Face options available
Used with shutterply for concreting.
Popular length 3.0m. Codes MCF025 & MCF030

meranti / hardwood cornice

Finished Size 63mm
Preferred option for high quality finished ceilings.
Popular length 3.0m. Code MCF063

meranti / hardwood coverstrip

Finished Sizes 30 and 44mm wide, 8mm thick
Between ceiling panels, facing of cupboard edges, etc.
Popular lengths 3.0 & 3.6m. Codes MCS034 & MCS044

meranti / hardwood glaze beading

Finished Size 10x8mm
For wooden windows and glazed wooden doors
Useful as a decorative bead for hollow core doors.
Popular Lengths 0.9 to 2.1m. Code MGB12

meranti / hardwood half round

Finished sizes 17x7 and 32x6mm
Between ceiling panels, facing of cupboard edges, etc.
Popular lengths 3.0/3.6 & 4.2m. Codes MHR019 & MHR033

meranti / hardwood lip beading

Finished size 30x8mm
Used for edging tables, etc.
Popular length 1.8m. Codes MLB030

meranti / hardwood quadrant

Finished Sizes 19x14; 25x19 and 42x30mm
Use 19x14 mm with 45 and 67mm skirting
Use 25x19 with 67, 87mm and larger skirting, edging of
architraves. Use 42x30mm as alternative to cornice.
Popular lengths 3.0/3.6 & 4.2m (25x19 & 42x30 3m Only)
Codes MQ016, MQ021 & MQ032

meranti / hardwood skirting

Finished Sizes 44 and 67mm height and 13mm thick
Popular lengths 3.0/3.6 & 4.2m. Codes MS045, MCS67 & MS095 (95x15mm)

meranti / hardwood skirting / architrave / dado rail

Finished Size 67mm - REVERSIBLE, multi-purpose
Bull-nose or moulded skirting, architrave, dado and picture rail.
Popular lengths 3.0 & 3.6m. Code MS067

meranti moulded skirting / architrave

Finished Size 138x20mm & 89x18mm
As floor skirting with above product as architrave.
Popular lengths 3.0 & 3.6m. Code MS094 & MS145

meranti / hardwood scotia

Finished Size 40x30mm
Alternative to quadrant or cornice.
Popular length 3.0m. Code MSC032

meranti / hardwood tongue & groove ceiling board

Finished Size 63mm
Timber ceilings, facing of "frame and ledge" doors; wall panels.
Popular lengths 3.0/3.6m & 4.2m. Code MTG063

meranti / hardwood weather bars

Finished size 813 x 38x55mm
Applied to outer base of exterior doors to keep water runoff
from dripping under doors.
Code MWB

meranti / hardwood plinthblock

Finished Size 100mm x 170mm x 32mm
Ideal for base of door frame, linking skirting to architrave.
Code PB140

meranti / hardwood t-bar

Finished Size 2100x40x55mm
Popular alternative to rebating double doors.
Code TB

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